I’ve been taking Piracetam for years now and when I finished 454grams from an Amazon seller I decided to look for a cheaper vendor. Well you get what you pay for when you go cheap, and am left very disappointed in this companies Piracetam 125g I purchased a couple weeks ago. The difference between potency of the Amazon vendor and ND is like night and day, ND Piracetam being vastly inferior product. I have to dose upwards of 4 grams of ND Piracetam to get +1 effect from the product. Under closer inspection ND’s powder it appears to be two different substances, I might be a bit paranoid but im so used to Piracetam and it’s taste and large crystalline grains, NDs product seems to have half the bitterness of taste and looks to be “cut” with some sort of innate or other similar looking powder. The grains of cutting substance tgey use are smaller than the noticeably chunky Piracetam grains. I’m a bit concerned as to what exactly I’m taking more of other than Piracetam, maybe inositol or choline. I’ve also ordered the 1g of tianiptine, it’s effects are below desirable in potency, I have to triple the dosage to feel the effects, first time tianiptine user. 5+ years Piracetam, oxyracetam, aniracetam user. No BS just wish I would stop getting cheated on products that are meant to help the user recover cognitive loss, it’s not like it’s Street drugs and the dope dealer trying to make any profit they can cutting their substances to make more profits.
At first, the nootropics boosted my son's energy as promised, and helped his performance level at work. He was alert and had boundless energy. But it was only a matter of time before the adverse effects kicked in. Insomnia disrupted his sleep pattern at night, leaving him exhausted during the day. As a result, he became unusually irritable, anxious, and depressed. When I suggested that the supplements might be the culprit, he reluctantly agreed and promised to stop using them.
Worldwide shipping – Nootropics Depot ships to every country in the world. No where on their site do they list exceptions. Of course, some countries, like North Korea for example, can’t be shipped to as they don’t have the means of delivering mail. No scoops with bulk powders – Most nootropic vendors will include a plastic scoop with their products. The scoops offer a convenient way to dose a nootropic without using a scale. I’ve spoken to the owner of Nootropics Depot and he informed me that scoops are unreliable as powders can vary in densities. While this is true for powders that require small doses, it should not be the case for powders that require large doses.
As with other Nootropic vendors, Nootropics Depot offers bulk discounts, but most of the time the size of their nootropics is limited. Nonetheless, the biggest size will always be the cheapest in terms of price per gram. In other words, they seem to cater to mainly bulk buyers. This is probably done to save money for both the customer as well as their business.

Multiple purity tests – Buying powders can be a bit daunting given how its difficult to know if the product is safe or not. But, Nootropics Depot relieves this stress by not only performing in-house testing, but also third-party testing. Multiple Certificates of Analysis can be found on a lot of their products. In every case, their product meets or exceeds the criteria. In other words, all their products are safe and potent.
Eventually, my son wound up in the emergency room with severe withdrawal symptoms from stopping the nootropic he'd been taking. It was then that he confessed to abusing the supplement for the past year. His usage started out harmless enough; but within two weeks of taking the drug, his tolerance level changed and the normal dosage of two capsules per day was no longer effective. His addiction reached a critical point when he started doubling the dose, adding more over time, until he was self-medicating with 120 pills a day--a lethal amount.
I have been looking for a caffeine/L-theanine supplement for many years, used to use one but that co...mpany went out of business. So glad I stumbled upon Nootropics Depot. Had some difficulties placing the initial order but they customer service was impeccable and helped me through it. Received it in just a couple of days and am loving it, provides a smooth, calm, focused energy that helps me get through some long, stressful days. Will most definitely be ordering from them again and will most likely try some of their other products. Some of the most affordable products I've seen as well! See More
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Planen Sie ein medizinisches Gerät zu entwerfen? Nun, es ist nicht so einfach, wie man denken könnte, es zu sein. Der wichtigste Aspekt der medizinischen Vorrichtung Gestaltung ist die Wahl des Materials. Man hat eine sehr weise Entscheidung zu treffen, bei der Auswahl des Materials, da es eine wichtige Nachwirkungen während und nach der Produktionsphase des Gerätes haben.