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Today I will be asking for PayPal payment data from each of the manufacturers whose payment types include it - shown with the black PP text in the Payment column. When the data is posted the PP text will turn blue and when you hover your mouse over it a small popup box will show their PayPal account address. Of course you can always email the manufacturer if it's black or you can't see the popup - or look through the HTML.
Nothing is different. I never planned for Ceretropic to be big on powder sales. So we never bought large quantities to bring the price down. Now that we are going after the powder market more, we bought much larger quantities, and made suppliers come down on price for us. We are also planning on a lot more volume, which allows us to slash margins. I am not sure if it is going to work, but we are giving it a shot.
I’ve been taking Piracetam for years now and when I finished 454grams from an Amazon seller I decided to look for a cheaper vendor. Well you get what you pay for when you go cheap, and am left very disappointed in this companies Piracetam 125g I purchased a couple weeks ago. The difference between potency of the Amazon vendor and ND is like night and day, ND Piracetam being vastly inferior product. I have to dose upwards of 4 grams of ND Piracetam to get +1 effect from the product. Under closer inspection ND’s powder it appears to be two different substances, I might be a bit paranoid but im so used to Piracetam and it’s taste and large crystalline grains, NDs product seems to have half the bitterness of taste and looks to be “cut” with some sort of innate or other similar looking powder. The grains of cutting substance tgey use are smaller than the noticeably chunky Piracetam grains. I’m a bit concerned as to what exactly I’m taking more of other than Piracetam, maybe inositol or choline. I’ve also ordered the 1g of tianiptine, it’s effects are below desirable in potency, I have to triple the dosage to feel the effects, first time tianiptine user. 5+ years Piracetam, oxyracetam, aniracetam user. No BS just wish I would stop getting cheated on products that are meant to help the user recover cognitive loss, it’s not like it’s Street drugs and the dope dealer trying to make any profit they can cutting their substances to make more profits.

Other than some of these downstream and unintended effects, CoQ10 side effects are few and mild. Most supplementation is well tolerated at doses lower than 500 mg [8], but there are not many side effects recorded with much higher doses of 3,000 mg [9]. At the higher doses gastrointestinal problems may occur, but this is normal with almost any supplement taken at a high dose.
Several types of nootropics, depending on their components, have been banned in parts of the U.S. and overseas. Unfortunately, their online availability provides easy access for consumers of all ages, no prescription necessary. Restrictions need to be put in place to regulate these unclassified supplements, and extensive research on their long-term use should be a priority.
While this does not constitute “third party testing”, they also contracts work to Alkemist Labs for added verification and protection. All of their products seem to have non-manufacturer testing, which means the Chinese manufactured products are not packaged and re-sold at face value. Instead, they undergo the various testing mechanisms mentioned above.
In response to the Coluracetam comparison inquiry: I still haven't given them both a fair trial to be honest. Stopacne's Coluracetam does work, yet I can't comment on purity etc. As for Ceretropic's Coluracetam: Awesome. I have much more faith in their honesty, services, and products than with Stopacne. Product definitely works, however I haven't recently used Stopacne's product, so I find it hard to compare efficacy. Communication is also better by far. Dosing is very convenient too, and pricing is much better (NSN's Coluracetam appears to be quite expensive. I might try theirs as well to make a proper comparison.) With both products I've had good experiences, however personally I find it hard to maintain a stable/sustained effect from either, but that may be due to my impatience and irregular life. Also; no, the second shipment from Stopacne did not differ from the first.
A word of warning: PayPal Buyer Protection only works if when you send the payment you select 'This is for a purchase', not 'Payment directly to another person'. You should also select the appropriate category of purchase in the list that appears or use the 'Other' option and write a description of the product name, quantity and shipping method. If a claim is filed you will provide the EMS/Courier Tracking Number in the information box so that the PayPal Assessor can verify that the product never arrived due to whatever reason - most likely Customs.
Huge range of capsuled nootropics – While powders are cheaper than their capsuled counterparts, they’re also inconvenient for a lot of people. Many nootropic vendors only offer a small range of capsuled nootropics, but not Nootropics Depot. Almost all of the powdered nootropics they offer come in capsules. And the price difference between the two is almost negligible.
Hey guys. I did 90ug LSD yesterday while on 20g Noopept yesterday. I just wanted to ask, does anybody else have any experiences with this. I’m not too experienced with psychedelics but know that this size is just enough for me to not be anxious and focus on improvement, and being able to process myself, my thoughts, my current state and where I’m at in my life so I can continue and becoming better.
I'm not familiar with the use of coluracetam. I see a supplier selling 1g of it for $30, so 2g is $60. Isn't the minimum dosage of it around 3 mg? What dosage are you people using? Is this another cousin of piracetam or is it completely different? I read good things about it but i'm on a noopept cycle right now. Lots of new breeds of nootropics popping out that I have not heard of. I thought noopept was the latest yet here we are with coluracetam and this sunifiram stuff.
By Christmas Day all the world's Coluracetam suppliers with full company data, COAs, analytic results, payment terms, prices, shipping data and total prices sorted from cheapest to costliest for each SKU size will be listed in the Racetam Prices list's Coluracetam table. All of them. I am pushing every single manufacturer to provide all analytic results they have and they are rapidly providing these results as files which are immediately uploaded to file hosters and linked into the Racetam Prices list.
One of the only variables that changed is my diet, I went low-carb and cut out refined sugar, and now it doesn't seem to work, so no idea if that has anything to do with alcar causing bad reactions for me now. obviously I won't be taking alcar anymore but I'm just curious why things like that can have different effects on the same person in different time periods.
Today I will be asking for PayPal payment data from each of the manufacturers whose payment types include it - shown with the black PP text in the Payment column. When the data is posted the PP text will turn blue and when you hover your mouse over it a small popup box will show their PayPal account address. Of course you can always email the manufacturer if it's black or you can't see the popup - or look through the HTML. 

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