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Sie fanden heraus: Modafinil hat keine signifikante Wirkung auf das Arbeitsgedächtnis – für kurzfristiges Erinnern ist der Wirkstoff also nutzlos. Anders sieht es jedoch für komplexere Aufgaben aus: „Hier scheint Modafinil die geistigen Leistungen verlässlicher zu erhöhen", erklärt Battleday in einer Mitteilung. Dies gelte vor allem für höhere Gehirnfunktionen, an denen viele einzelne kognitive Prozesse beteiligt sind.

Tried out Theacrine 100 mg first thing in the morning a week ago and it's alittle weird. Definitely got a caf like rush but felt mellowed out at the same time. Needless to say I'm a fan. This dynamine is supposed to be better so I gave it a shot. It feels very similar but it does kick in sooner. I tried combination the 2 and found 100 mg of each was abit much. 50/50 seems ideal. Does anyone make this in caps? Not a fan of bulk.
Der US-Amerikaner Daniel Kish kann mit Hilfe von Schallunterschieden seine Umgebung akustisch erkunden. Dazu produziert er mit der Zunge Klicklaute und lauscht deren Echos. So "sieht" er mit Hilfe des Schalls, ob ein Gegenstand klein oder groß ist, er erkennt die Größe und Tiefe eines Raumes und findet Eingänge und Türen. Im Keller der Münchner Ludwig-Maximilian-Universität lebt eine Kolonie Fledermäuse. Sie helfen dem Neurobiologen Lutz Wiegrebe und seinem Team zu erforschen, wie sich Mensch und Tier mit der Hilfe von Schall orientieren. Mit einer Versuchsreihe will er erkunden, wie gut sehende Versuchsteilnehmer diese Klicksonar-Technik erlernen und anwenden können. In Köln werden bereits blinde Kindergartenkinder in der "Klicksonar"-Technik unterrichtet. Wie erfolgreich diese Schulung sein kann, zeigt der neunjährige Jason. Der blinde Junge fährt ganz ohne Hilfe auf dem Schulhof Fahrrad.

I’ve been taking Piracetam for years now and when I finished 454grams from an Amazon seller I decided to look for a cheaper vendor. Well you get what you pay for when you go cheap, and am left very disappointed in this companies Piracetam 125g I purchased a couple weeks ago. The difference between potency of the Amazon vendor and ND is like night and day, ND Piracetam being vastly inferior product. I have to dose upwards of 4 grams of ND Piracetam to get +1 effect from the product. Under closer inspection ND’s powder it appears to be two different substances, I might be a bit paranoid but im so used to Piracetam and it’s taste and large crystalline grains, NDs product seems to have half the bitterness of taste and looks to be “cut” with some sort of innate or other similar looking powder. The grains of cutting substance tgey use are smaller than the noticeably chunky Piracetam grains. I’m a bit concerned as to what exactly I’m taking more of other than Piracetam, maybe inositol or choline. I’ve also ordered the 1g of tianiptine, it’s effects are below desirable in potency, I have to triple the dosage to feel the effects, first time tianiptine user. 5+ years Piracetam, oxyracetam, aniracetam user. No BS just wish I would stop getting cheated on products that are meant to help the user recover cognitive loss, it’s not like it’s Street drugs and the dope dealer trying to make any profit they can cutting their substances to make more profits.
Hi everyone! I have nutrex caffeine capsules of 200mg strength. I took one yesterday with two 100mg capsules of l-theanine for study but still felt a lot jittery which I don't usually with a monster or red bull (105mg caffeine). I ate a half hour before taking them, so I wanted to know how to divide the capsule into 100mg dosage. The main problem is their is liquid/viscous oil? inside and if I break the capsule it still clings the inside of the capsule. I have searched everywhere but it only shows for powders or breaking tablets into half. Thanks in advance.
Today on the nootropics I was amazed at my levels of calmness and focus prior to the interview. In the meeting itself the evenness of my vocal delivery and ability to recall information felt a lot higher than before. Was even able to inject a little appropriate humour and personality without any self-consciousness. In previous interviews I have had far more physiological signs of nervous tension such as racing thoughts, worry about performance etc. I felt less drained afterwards as well, probably due to less nervous energy being expended.

As for importing nootropics/medications/supplements into NL: I have never experienced any issues whatsoever with customs, and I've ordered some obscure stuff from all around the world. I always received my orders up to now, though my Cannabidiol shipment does seem to be running a little late. I can't comment on legality; I don't really bother looking that up usually. I think the more you go towards medication (e.g. Modafinil, Selegiline), the higher the chance that it will be illegal to import, as opposed to unregulated substances. Also the laws can be contradicting; the government website states it is legal to import prescription medication in small quantities for private use (IIRC), yet when I called customs, I was told this was not the case. I know other EU countries are much stricter in these regards, and can differ widely per country.
Regardless, all the nootropics I tried above had an effect that was either very noticeable or somewhat subtle. Actually, I had a stronger response to Nootropic Depot’s phenibut and phenylpiracetam than I did to Powder City’s before they went bankrupt and got bought. Both of the nootropics just felt better, stronger, more potent. Maybe it’s because of the packaging? Powder City’s packaging was pretty dull compared to Nootropic Depot’s.

Since the executive decision was made to steer the larger company away from Nootropics, and Matt's hands were tied with what he could do. It was only a matter of time before the site shut down completely. Seeing the inevitable ahead, a couple months ago Matt approached me about a possible solution to the problem. He could not resurrect the company that he built from scratch, but I could. His hands were tied, but he knew mine were not. Knowing how much people loved the way he operated things, and the care he had for the community, I felt honored that he would consider turning the reigns over to me.
This place will only post positive reviews on their products. I wrote a few reviews that where deathly honest and they haven’t posted them to their website. Instead the owner writes me a Ten page reply about laboratory testing, quality testing, hundred thousand dollar lab to check product purity, BLAH BLAH tech babble off of Google or Wikipedia… They cheated me out of time, money and patience. $35 down the drain on BUNK products.
Dort ist der Absatz in den vergangenen Jahren drastisch angestiegen: von 196 Millionen Dollar im Jahr 2002 auf 988 Millionen Dollar im Jahr 2008. Neuere Zahlen gibt es nicht. Eine Befragung unter Lesern des Wissenschaftsmagazin „Nature“ aus 2008 ergab: Jeder fünfte hat sich schon einmal sein Gehirn gedopt, knapp die Hälfte davon hatte Modafinil genutzt.

I ordered and received two jars of Longvida, a proprietary curcumin supplement in powder form. The two jars contained noticeably different substances. I sent the company an email with high res photos of the open jars and request for replacement and suggested quality control. They asked for the lot number and now I haven’t heard anything back. I suggest caution in ordering from this company.
Die Stiftung Warentest empfiehlt, den Bedarf an Omega-Fettsäuren über die Nahrung zu decken. Dafür reichen pro Woche ein bis zwei Mahlzeiten mit fettem Seefisch wie Lachs, Hering oder Makrele. Kommt Fisch beim Nachwuchs schlecht an, helfen auch Lein- und Rapsöl oder täglich ein paar Walnüsse. Wichtig für Kinder ist zudem tägliche Bewegung, etwa Toben im Freien. Das fördert die Durchblutung und Nervenvernetzung im Hirn.